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Welcome to the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) in Emergencies wiki page. This page has information on CARE's Emergency WASH work and links to more resources. To stay up to date with our work, please join the WASH Emergency mailing list or request to join the CARE WASH Emergency Facebook Group.
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What we do: WASH in Emergencies
During an emergency access to adequate sanitation, clean water and hygiene products can be severely compromised, and the damage caused to infrastructure can increase the risk of disease. During emergencies people are often at greater risk of contracting illnesses such as cholera, malaria and diarrhoea. CARE’s WASH team responds to both acute and complex emergencies around the world, with interventions ranging from distributing hygiene kits, to fixing and cleaning water sources, to teaching children to wash their hands and keep themselves healthy.
CARE focuses on gender in WASH programs. During a water crisis the burden of responsibility is often disproportionately carried by women and girls, who are usually responsible for getting clean water for cooking, sanitation and family hygiene. Women and girls are also affected by the choices made by their governments regarding water; for example girls whose schools lack safe latrines or adequate sanitation to support their menstrual hygiene needs are likely to stop attending. Including women and girls in the design and implementation of water projects is vital for ensuring that the entire community can maintain their health and participate in society without any barriers.
CARE’s WASH work is integrated with other programs in shelter, education, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, and nutrition. Communities often have very complex needs, and it is necessary to provide improvements in multiple areas to fully support the needs of the community. For example, providing adequate WASH facilities in schools enables children to stay healthy and continue their education.
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Where We Work
The map below highlights the countries in which the Emergency WASH Team has been deployed to since 2014.
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Who we are: CARE International Emergency WASH Team
The CARE Emergency WASH Team provides a variety of services to support quality emergency response programming by CARE country offices and lead members worldwide, and to build staff and partner capacity in emergency WASH. A particular focus of CARE’s Emergency WASH work is on addressing the particular needs of women, girls and other vulnerable groups with respect to water, sanitation and hygiene. The team services detailed in our Offer of Service include:
  • deployments to natural disasters and conflict zones to undertake assessment of WASH needs, program design and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation;
  • provision of remote support on technical WASH issues;
  • input and review of WASH proposals and strategy documents;
  • support on emergency preparedness, including participation in Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) workshops;
  • recruitment of country office WASH staff;
  • emergency WASH logistics;
  • capacity building on emergency WASH;
  • development of tools and guidance as part of a WASH Knowledge Management Plan.

In addition to the day-to-day support which is provided for country offices and CARE members, we have an Emergency WASH Team Action Plan and Sub-Sector Strategy which detail the strategic objectives of the team and the themes of our proactive work in between emergency deployments. This is framed within the context of CARE International’s overall Humanitarian and Emergency Strategy, and works closely with the CARE Emergency Group (CEG) in all aspects of our work.
CARE is an active member of the Global WASH Cluster (GWC), and is 1 of 3 elected NGO representatives on the GWC Strategic Advisory Group (alongside Oxfam and ACF). In recent years CARE has managed the GWC Rapid Assessment Team (RAT) and Regional Emergency Cluster Advisor (RECA) projects, seconded staff to Cluster Coordinator and Information Management positions in emergencies, and participated in the Technical Working Group on Assessment. CARE supports a number of other interagency Emergency WASH initiatives, such as the Interagency Watsan Group, the Emergency Environmental Health Forum, the Hygiene Promotion Forum, and the pilot project on Minimum Commitments for the Safety and Dignity of Affected Persons.
The Emergency WASH Team is hosted by CARE Australia (including funding, administrative support, and employment of 2*team members), and is strongly supported by CARE Canada (employment of Rapid Response Team WASH Advisors) and CARE USA (emergency WASH logistics). The Emergency WASH Team collaborates closely with the CARE Development WASH Team, including sharing of staff capacity and technical resources.
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Meet CARE's WASH Team
Nick.pngNick Brooks – Emergency WASH Team Leader
Nick currently leads the team and is based in the UK. He provides overall leadership for CARE International in the emergency WASH sector, maintaining technical and strategic oversight for WASH responses worldwide, and managing the emergency WASH team and our roster of deployable staff. He has a current focus on CARE’s Type 4 responses (the Syria regional response, Yemen and Ethiopia). Nick is also responsible for CARE’s engagement with the Global WASH Cluster, and sits on the Strategic Advisory Group for the Cluster.

Beth Karanja-Megnassan - WASH / Gender Advisor
Beth joined CARE in May 2015; she based in Vietnam and has worked in CARE Country Offices in Niger (twice), Nepal (twice), Myanmar, the Mano River sub-region, Jordan, Fiji, Vanuatu and Cambodia. Her position focuses jointly on gender and WASH in emergencies. Beth previously worked as a Public Health Promoter in Oxfam GB’s emergency team, with recent work in South Sudan, CAR and the Philippines. Beth speaks English, French, Kiswahili and Kikuyu.

Damian Seal – WASH Specialist – CARE International Rapid Response Team (CARE Canada)Damian is based in the UK and is available for WASH support worldwide. Damian has so far deployed to CARE in PNG, Yemen and Niger. He is a civil engineer with Masters degrees in Community Water and Sanitation and Disaster Management. Before joining CARE in 2016, Damian worked for DRC and Goal in WASH coordination roles in Myanmar, South Sudan and Turkey/Syria. Previously he served with the British Royal Engineers in Iraq, Sierra Leone and Kosovo.

Evarest Ochola – WASH Specialist – CARE International Rapid Response Team (CARE Canada)
Evarest started with CARE in June 2016. He is based in Uganda and is available for WASH support worldwide, and has so far deployed to Jordan, and supported WASH programs in Nepal, Uganda and elsewhere. He is a water engineer with previous experience with Oxfam GB, Oxfam Intermon, IMC, MSF and CAFOD/NCA.

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Useful Links
The Resources page contains various links to open source courses and guidelines specifically for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion. The page also includes readings, guidelines, partnership material, CARE WASH stock information and manuals from CARE and other organizations.

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