CARE International Emergency WASH Team Offer of Service (PDF)

In accordance with CARE International’s Humanitarian WASH Strategy 2013-2020, CARE International’s Emergency WASH team supports Country Offices and their Implementing Partners in maintaining ‘the right of disaster affected populations to timely and effective emergency WASH interventions which afford dignity and protection, while contributing to the empowerment of women and long-term poverty and vulnerability reduction.’

What can you expect from the Emergency WASH Team?
Remote support
  • Assistance with WASH program design and proposal review.
  • Designing assessments, including use of CARE’s WASH assessment tool and open source software such as Kobo.
  • Mainstreaming Accountability, Gender, DRR, Environment, Disability and other cross-cutting issues into WASH programs.
  • Review and support throughout the Emergency Preparedness Planning process.
  • Training on the use of Global WASH Cluster and CARE tools.
  • Advising on WASH Cluster engagement.
  • Assistance with flash appeals, pool funding, CAP etc.
  • Support with the development and use of M&E tools.
  • Providing Emergency WASH stocks, stockpiling, and recommending suppliers and technology.
  • Advice on early recovery/development transitions and programs in collaboration with CARE USA Water Team.

In-country Support
  • Surge capacity for emergencies
  • Participation in CO reviews (e.g. WASH strategy planning, After Action Reviews)
  • Training on WASH emergency supplies
  • National WASH technical training (in various languages)
  • Regional WASH in Emergencies training for managers
  • Linking the Global WASH Cluster Field Support Team and national WASH Cluster Coordinators with COs

Technical resources
  • Emergency WASH Dropbox – access for CARE technical and management staff.
  • Fact Sheets on WASH and Gender; WASH and Nutrition; WASH and Women’s Empowerment; and much more.
  • WASH assessment resources, including guidance on data collection using Kobo software.
  • All our technical resources are available on a number of platforms, including a Facebook page(, the CARE Emergency Toolkit, Minerva, a wiki
    (, and a shared Dropbox.

Human resources
  • Providing technical support from CARE’s WASH Roster for Emergency Deployment.
  • Advising COs on WASH staffing/competences profile/ToRs/skills mapping/recruitment.
  • Building WASH network and learning resources.

The WASH Team consists of:
Nick Brooks – Emergency WASH Team Leader

Nick currently leads the team and is based in the UK. He provides overall leadership for CARE International in the emergency WASH sector, maintaining technical and strategic oversight for WASH responses worldwide, and managing the emergency WASH team and our roster of deployable staff. He has a current focus on CARE’s Type 4 responses and has worked in CARE Country Offices in Sierra Leone, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, South Sudan, Uganda, Nepal and KRI. Nick is also responsible for CARE’s engagement with the Global WASH Cluster, and is an elected member of the Strategic Advisory Group for the Cluster. Nick speaks English and Spanish.

Beth Megnassan – WASH / Gender Advisor

Beth is based in Vietnam and has worked in CARE Country Offices in Niger (twice), Nepal (twice), Myanmar, the Mano River sub-region, Fiji, Vanuatu, Cambodia and Vietnam. Her position focuses jointly on gender and WASH in emergencies. Beth previously worked as a Public Health Promoter in Oxfam GB’s emergency team, working in South Sudan, CAR and the Philippines. Beth speaks English, French, Kiswahili and Kikuyu.

Damian Seal – WASH Specialist – CARE International Rapid Response Team (CARE Canada)

Damian is based in the UK and is available for WASH support worldwide. He recently completed an assignment with CARE PNG. He is a civil engineer with Masters degrees in Community Water and Sanitation and Disaster Management. Before joining CARE in 2016, Damian worked for DRC and Goal in WASH coordination roles in Myanmar, South Sudan and Turkey/Syria. Previously he served with the British Royal Engineers in Iraq, Sierra Leone and Kosovo.

Evarest Ochola – WASH Specialist – CARE International Rapid Response Team (CARE Canada)
Evarest started with CARE in July 2016. He will be based in Uganda and is available for WASH support worldwide. He is a water engineer with previous experience with Oxfam GB, Oxfam Intermon, IMC, MSF and CAFOD/NCA.

1* WASH Specialist (vacant) – CARE International Rapid Response Team (CARE Canada)

WASH Roster for Emergency Deployment

The WASH roster contains experienced personnel able to deploy in various technical functions to support COs with emergency responses. There are currently around 50 WASH members on the roster, with some positions deployable within 72 hours. Recent deployments include Iraq, Vanuatu, Sierra Leone, Myanmar, Turkey, Lebanon and Uganda.

To request the WASH team’s services, please contact
Mobile: +44 7726 437771
Office: +44 1244 341005
Skype: nhbrooks

Cost Recovery

Deployments are normally undertaken on a cost recovery basis at $550 USD per day for the Team Leader and $400-450 USD per day (based on a 6 day week) for WASH Specialists, in line with the CI Emergency Cost Recovery Policy. Travel, per diems and accommodation and any other in-country costs are also covered by the CO. All deployments must include a review of emergency WASH preparedness, capacity, and capacity development options, and a gender analysis for WASH.
Order of priority
Preferred means
Rapid onset emergency or deterioration of complex emergency. Type 2, 3 or 4.
Initial surge capacity
2-3 weeks extendable 6 weeks. Additional staff can be sourced from the WASH roster
Emergency deployment,
complemented by remote support
Full/partial cost recovery. Extensions beyond 3 weeks only at full cost recovery. WASH capacity building plan agreed. WASH RAR. WASH Focal Point. WASH & Gender training
Slow onset emergency; Complex emergency:
Capacity building, follow up missions, evaluation (followed by LL and EPP) preparedness building.
Gap Filling
Support Country Office
2-3 weeks
Scheduled deployment, followed by remote support
Full/partial cost recovery. WASH capacity building plan agreed. WASH Focal Point. WASH & Gender training
Rapid onset emergency. Type 1
Support Country Office
1-2 weeks
Remote support, complemented by deployment if need be
Partial cost recovery. WASH capacity building plan agreed. WASH Focal Point. WASH & Gender training
Advisory missions, development-related, evaluations not part of an EPP, other…
Advise Country Office
1 week
Remote support complemented by deployment if need be
Missions only at full cost recovery. WASH capacity building plan agreed. WASH Focal Point. WASH & Gender training