Widening Our Network of CARE WASH Professionals
KEN-2012-BB-9308.jpgThe WASH team is keen to encourage 2-way communication and sharing of experiences with everyone who has an interest in emergency WASH in CARE. This means the national and expatriate WASH staff working in the field and in country head offices, but also emergency coordinators, country office senior management and Emergency Response Team (ERT) members, and CARE member emergency staff.
We will be sharing details of how to get involved in the coming months, including a CARE Emergency WASH Facebook page, training opportunities, and fast track technical support.

Emergency WASH Roster
WASH staff
The WASH roster contains experienced personnel able to deploy in various technical functions to support Country Offices with emergency responses. There are currently around 40 WASH specialists on the roster, with some positions deployable within 72 hours. Recent deployments include South Sudan, Turkey, Lebanon, Uganda and Djibouti.

CARE staff
The roster is also open for all full-time CARE staff who are interested and available for secondment or temporary duty assignments in other countries. Most assignments run from 8 to 12 weeks. Assessment missions may run from two to four weeks. Usually, full-time CARE employees go on temporary duty as international staff members, with per diem allowances and full insurance coverage for the term of their assignment. All members of staff on the roster need to have completed the IASC gender course before deploying. Recent roster deployments have included Vanuatu (2), Jordan, Myanmar, Nepal (2) and Iraq. To apply to be part of the roster please visit the CARE International Roster website to download the application form. Expressions of interest about the roster can be sent to Katyani Pandey: katyani.pandey[@]care.org.au.