A New Name

Bolivia_girl_with_glass.jpgWelcome to the Water+ Wikispace! Water+ is our term for an approach that encompasses water, sanitation and hygiene along with local management of water for domestic, small-scale productive and environmental uses.

Water+ is holistic: In keeping with CARE's Program Approach we work with target populations with an understanding of the complexity of human need. This spurs us to collaborate with other sectors to ensure that interventions cut across several dimensions of change in the lives of individuals. For example, we are working more closely with our Power Within colleagues on school water, sanitation and hygiene and with our health colleagues on the prevention of neglected tropical diseases.

Water+ is necessary: Freshwater is a dwindling resource that is being threatened by climate change and mismanagement. Thus, it is often the source of competition and conflict. Poor communities, their local and national governments, corporations, and water service boards, are some of the actors that have a stake in how water resources are managed. Water+ links the water, sanitation and hygiene approaches that we know to be critical for the welfare of homes and communities with the more systemic issues of how the poor can have a say and a role in the management of their water resources in a way that benefits the environment.

Water+ is bold: Successful and sustainable water+ interventions are intricately engineered to change water policy; improve the health, safety, and livelihoods and support the dignity of individuals at community level; involve communities in managing and maintaining water points; promote forums for bringing people together to manage water catchments; and protect the environment. This is a tall order. And yet encroaching environmental crisis and poverty-related water scarcity make this bold approach necessary.

Water+ is for you: Now that you know what water+ is, we invite you to browse our wiki to learn more about our approaches, ideas and experiences around the world. Whatever your interests and expertise, there is a good chance that water+ is relevant to you.