CARE Emergency WASH Network (CEWN) Overview

Vision, Mission, Aims, Strategy
The CARE Emergency WASH Network (CEWN) is a community of CARE staff around the globe who are dedicated to helping people secure access to safe water and sanitation in emergency situations.

The CEWN finds its strength in the diversity of its members. Having worked in a range of environments with people from many backgrounds, those who comprise the group bring experience from all over the world. The current challenge is to harness and combine our individual strengths through communication supported by tools that encourage and facilitate learning and also knowledge sharing.

CARE Emergency WASH Network Vision

The CEWN's vision is to be a team well supported and equipped with the necessary and appropriate knowledge and skills to respond to the water, sanitation and hygiene needs of those affected by an emergency.

CARE Emergency WASH Network Mission

Comprised of engineers, program managers, technicians and an array of other specialists, the CEWN aims to draw upon its diversity of experience and partnerships to ensure people’s right to water in emergency situations. We strive to become increasingly effective and to provide efficient, timely, and appropriate responses by:
·Increasing communication among CEWN members
·Sharing lessons learned from emergency situations
·Learning from the experiences of our peers
·Collaborating and forming partnerships to strengthen CARE Emergency WASH capacity in an emergency

The CARE Emergency WASH Network aims to:
  1. Provide a “professional home” for WASH and Emergency staff.
  2. Support a sense of team work so as to make members feel supported by their peers in their endeavors.
  3. Facilitate and encourage direct communication between members.
  4. Create a forum for providing current WASH oriented news on emergency situations.
  5. Develop a repository for sharing ideas, lessons learned, best practices, tools and proposals.
  6. Recognize what type of work is being done where.
  7. Understand the scope of CARE’s work in water during emergencies.
  8. Promote discussion and debate about how CARE can meet its emergency WASH responsibilities more effectively.
  9. Articulate the considered and collective views of CARE’s WASH professionals internally and externally

The CARE Emergency WASH Network will pursue these aims by:
  1. Creating an online community for network members to have a virtual professional workspace.
  2. Developing a periodic newsletter for distribution to members to keep people present on emergency situations and new developments that may or may not be directly impacting their lives but that are relevant to their work.
  3. Establishing on-line communication channels for members to contact each other via email or through other on-line communication tools like skype, chat or video-conferencing.
  4. Providing a technical support service where members can get the advice and guidance of other members and referral to experts to resolve day-to-day operational problems.
  5. Launching a home page for members to post news or developments to all members.
  6. Building a document sharing space for members to upload and download lessons learned, best practices, proposals, and reports.
  7. Constructing a map that links members and documents created by members to the country from or about which they were generated.
  8. Collecting data on work undertaken by CEWN members.

17 March 2009

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