Kobo Toolbox
Before you start using Kobo Toolbox, please familiarise yourself with the tool, and with CARE's recommendations for using the tool here:

CARE has also created some pre-written surveys for WASH and Gender analysis which can be uploaded to Kobo without editing. These can be found at the end of the page.

Guidelines for the use of Kobo Toolbox by CARE International Staff


CARE recommends that survey takers use Android phones to collect surveys, using the Kobo Collect App.

Using CARE’s pre-made WASH and Gender Surveys
CARE provides pre-written surveys for WASH and Gender analyses. CARE encourages you to use these as a basis for writing your own survey as it will not only cut a significant amount of time from creating your survey, it will also ensure that surveys conducted by CARE staff maintain a level of quality.

Baseline Surveys and Final Analyses

Kobo Toolbox enables users to download forms, and re-upload them as .xls forms (see CARE’s Kobo Instructions for more information on this). It is recommended that when you create your final survey, you download the form you used for your baseline survey. Then, re-upload this as a new form to use as a basis for your final survey.

Creating Surveys

  • Keep your surveys as short and simple as possible
  • If you are not familiar with Kobo Toolbox, refrain from using the more complex settings such as complex skip logic.

Collecting Multimedia

  • It is recommended that survey takers are given limited opportunities to collect multimedia data (e.g. when asking users to upload photos, limit this to 1-3 photos per survey takers).
  • Multimedia from Kobo Toolbox can be downloaded from Kobo Toolbox and uploaded to a more complex analytical tool such as Nvivo.

Pre-written Kobo Toolbox Surveys - WASH and Gender

Kobo Toolbox Surveys for Emergency WASH
The following files can be automatically uploaded to Kobo Toolbox to give you a basic assessment survey:
Kobo Toolbox Emergency WASH survey

Kobo Toolbox Surveys for Gender Analysis
The following files are Kobo-ready surveys for the Gender Toolkit surveys (see Gender Toolkit in General Resources for more information).

Case studies