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Welcome to the page dedicated to WASH RED members.

This page highlights information both for current and prospective RED members

Current RED members

Mandatory Courses
We encourage you to undertake relevant courses which will assist with your work whilst on your RED deployment.
Gender TrainingThe IASC Different Needs - Equal Opportunities: Increasing Effectiveness of Humanitarian Action for Women, Girls, Boys and Men online course is considered to be a valuable course and one that RED members should take.
CARE Personal Safety and Security Awareness TrainingA requirement of joining RED is to complete the CARE Personal Safety and Security Awareness online course. If you have not already done so, please do so now. The training can be accessed at:
Please search under CARE Courses in the menu. At this link, you need to register as a Student before you can proceed to the training. When registering, please use 1234 as your PIN when it is requested on the registration form. Once you have enrolled as a student, you can find the relevant training under “CARE Courses” inthe course catalogue.
In addition to the material to read and courses to undertake as outlined in your RED Orientation Letter, the CARE International WASH Team has identified a range of other mandatory and recommended readings and courses under six themes:
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Safety and security
  • Code of conduct and humanitarian principles
  • Introduction to CARE
  • Logistics and procurement
  • WASH.

For more information on these please have a look at the following document:

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Recommended Courses
Stay Safe – Security ManagementThe “Stay Safe - Security Management” course is intended for those tasked with security management. The aim of the course is to familiarise managers with the necessary tools to implement and maintain a well functioning security framework. Although Red Cross Red Crescent specific, this course contains security information that will be beneficial for all humanitarian workers. Successful completion of the course is validated by a certified final test. (Time required approximately 3 hours)
Coping with Traumatic StressAny event which is very distressing and outside the realm of normal human experience can result in traumatic stress. Traumatic stress usually produces a very intense response, including fear and/or helplessness, which may overwhelm the individual’s coping mechanisms. To make sure that you are better able to cope with traumatic stress take the Coping with Traumatic Stress online course. The course can also be found on the CARE Academy, so follow the same instructions as above.
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Staying Updated

Key documents RED members should be familiar with:CAREWater_Template2_India_woman_carrying_two_water_containers_on_head_small.jpg

  • CARE’s Humanitarian Accountability Framework (HAF) (file below),

It is also worth reminding yourself of what is in our RED Orientation Letter:

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Remaining Current

An important part of being on the RED is keeping CARE Australia up-to-date with your details.

Please let Briony (CARE Australia Recruitment Advisor) know if:
  • your personal details have changed
  • you have updated your CV
  • your availability has changed

If you want to complete another RED Application form to update your details, please find the form on our RED WASH wiki page.

We are aware that most of you have not had any deployments yet with us yet and we understand that some of you have other commitments. Please email Briony (email address above) as soon as possibleto let her know if you are still willing to be listed on the RED.

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Prospective RED members

How do I join the RED?

Being part of RED will give you an opportunity to expand your skills and experience by being at the centre of action when CARE responds to major humanitarian disasters. Everyone that applies to RED needs to undertake an assessment process.

If you think that you have the skills and experience to be on RED please first speak with your manager and Country Director.

Once you have approval you can follow these easy steps to apply:
1. Complete the RED Application form

2. Complete the Pre Release Agreement (signed by employee, line manager, and Country Director)

3. Send it out
Send the completed RED Application form, Pre Release Agreement and an up-to-date CV to

Once we have received your application we will begin the assessment process. This can take up to one month to process.

Being on the roster does not guarantee that you will be called up for an assignment, but it does mean that when an emergency takes place, your qualifications will be among the first to be considered.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact

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